Visualizing your favourite song?

Recently I was searching for some gifts when I stumbled across Sound Viz and Cumberland Coast . These were your favorite songs which were visualized and printed. So that’s when I started looking into on how could you visualize them. So I wanted to try the same and that’s when I came across the r packages tuneR and seewave. Now I knew that I wanted to visualize the song but then I also wanted to see how different are the visualizations for the same song in an original version and the acoustic version. So I did download both the versions of the song Take On Me by A-ha. Since the wave format is too big to-be processed I did clip the songs to 1-minute duration. Below are the visualizations for the different versions of the same song.

Following is the code which I used to generate the waveforms above:


setWavPlayer('mplayer') # Set the command-line WAV player
fin <- readWave('yoyoma_clip.wav')

data = (fin)

snd = data@left

# plot waveform
orig_left <- plot(snd, type = 'l', xlab = 'Samples', ylab = 'Amplitude',col = c( "blue","green", "orange"),frame.plot=FALSE)

And finally finishing this post with one of my favorite song.